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Are you excited about the Xiaomi’s flagship model Mi7, Obviously yes, that is the reason why you landed here, Really I’m also too excited about this beast from Xiaomi. Xiaomi is working from past few months to release this flagship killer.

If you are one of the fans of the Xiaomi smartphones then this article is for you as today I am sharing Xiaomi Mi7 release date, specifications, features which are going to make you even more excited for this amazing flagship killer release date and it’s more details. Xiaomi is the third largest manufacturer in the world and people are going crazy for their smartphones.

So here I will be talking about Xiaomi Mi7 rumors for you guys and going to reveal all the expected features and specs of this beauty that all I got to know

Xiaomi Mi7 is going to be sleeker, faster and equipped with more exciting features. They have worked more on security this time as well. It is expected that Xiaomi Mi7 is going to be one of the best smartphones of 2017.

Brief specs of Xiaomi Mi7

Screen Size

5.5 Inches

Resolution4K with 4096*2160
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 820
Rear Camera25 MP
Front Camera8 mp
Battery2900 mAh
Release DateMid 2017 – June or July



The sources close to us reveal that Xiaomi Mi7 has a 5.5 curved OLED screen, Sporting 4K resolution which is going to let you experience resolution 4096 x 2160, and OLED makes it even crisper making brighter whites and darker blacks, and have good viewing angles.


Xiaomi has been using Snapdragon processors for their Smartphones while coming to their flagship models they use Snapdragon’s 800 series processors, It is confirmed that Xiaomi Mi7 is going to have a Snapdragon 820 processor, which is a pure beast with raw power to hand a lot of tasks and gaming.This amazing processor can easily let users experience speed ranging from 2.8 – 3.0GHz.


The Mi7 is going to have improved Unibody design, glass front and back, Now most of the smartphones are coming with the curved display or Bezeless display, in this Xiaomi decided to use a Bezeless display which is going to make it one of the best-looking smartphones in the market.

Xiaomi Mi7 Features

Xiaomi Mi7 is packed with amazing features like Wireless Charging, Extendable Memory, Retina Eye Scanner, Gorilla Glass Protection

Wireless Charging

In this busy 21st Generation we don’t have time to even have breakfast properly, But how can we afford our time wasting on our smartphone charging, so the solution was fast charging , and we don’t want strings attached to it anymore.Xiaomi Mi7 is going to have faster wireless charging feature. It will let you charge your phone 50% less the time of today’s wireless charging technology.

Wireless charging in Xiaomi Mi7

Extendable Memory

Nowadays everyone is using their smartphones as their primary option for storing their data, The memory is definitely the important factor in order to use your phone to its fullest. It is going to be available in three variants i.e. 32, 64, and 128GB variants. After giving these much of space in internal memory of the phone , they still do provide a Memory card slot for Extendable Memory for users who store more data on their smartphones.

Retina Eye Scanner

Security is one of the most important factors that should be considered while selecting a smartphone and Fingerprint scanner has already been a part of almost all flagship devices, and with more advancement in science lead to using of Retina Eye Scanner in this Smartphone, this uses our retina (Eye) to Unlock the phone.

xiaomi mi7 specification
Retina Scanner in Xiaomi Mi7

Gorilla Glass Protection

After buying these smartphones we worry about the phone screen damage or breakage. No need of that tension while using Xiaomi Mi7. It is equipped with Gorilla glass 5, which is strong and water resistant.

Xiaomi Mi7 Release Date

After going through these amazing features, you guys must be looking for Xiaomi Mi7 release date and when it is going to hit the market. These are the hot markets for Xiaomi Mi7; China, UK, US, Germany, Korea, Canada, India and It is going to be released in China first probably, In many more country it is going to release during 2017. The exact date is not predicted yet but the year is confirmed that it is going to come in Mid 2017 – June or July 2017 for sure.

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Xiaomi Mi7 price

Xiaomi always keeps the price of their flagships and other smartphones pocket-friendly. The expected prices of these smartphones are.

Xiaomi mi7 Price in India30,000 India Rupees
Xiaomi mi7 价钱 in China3550 Yuan
mi7 Harga in Indonesia6829522 Indonesian Rupiah
Mi 7 Price in Singapore729.920 Singapore Dollar
Xiaomi mi7 Price in Thailand18366.94 Thai Baht


Final Words

So I guess you had a good time reading about the rumors of Xiaomi Mi7 smartphone and make sure to post your feedback and comments in below comments section. Also try to share this news article with your friends and let them know more about Xiaomi Mi 7. we will update this article every time we get a new update of Xiaomi Mi7 so better bookmark this article for future reference regarding OnePlus 5 Specs , price , Rumors , release dateXiaomi Mi7 Specs, Price, release date.Recent leaks show that the benchmarks score of mi 7 is more than most of the trending flagship smartphones.


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