Moto C price and specifications


Moto C cheapest phone with great features

Are you the one who is looking for the mobile which is under 10,000. Then the best mobile with the right features is now available at 5,999. This phone is very cheap when compared with other series. This is offering useful features and competing with the great smartphones. So most of the customers are interested in this Moto C only. This article will be dealing with the Moto C device now. People who are searching for the cheapest and most reliable smartphone , here we present Moto C.

moto c

Previously Motorola had given the best phones to the customers. At the time of launch, there is full demand for the Moto E. The similar concept has been chosen here. Now they promise the customers that they have given best features given at the very reasonable price. So, many of them are looking about the specifications of the mobile. In this article, we are providing you with the complete details about it.

The specifications for the Moto C device are

  1. It is available on the 5-inch display which is having the resolution of 480*854 pixels. By which the screen appearance will be better.
  2. It is having the RAM of 1 GB. It supports the phone to handle many tasks given to it.
  3. The camera is suited at two faces one is at the front and the other at the back. The MP it is offering for the front camera is 5MP, and for the back side, it is giving 2 MP.
  4. The OS it is having on the phone is Android Nougat. With this, the system will be running nicely.
  5. The processor in this Moto C is Quad core processor with MediaTek MT6737 M chipset. It helps the phone too fast the tasks in the given time

It is the mobile phone which is supporting the 4G LTE connectivity also. The best phone for the Rs 5,999.There are the LED notification and the Flashlight attached to the phone. The one who is much interested in the gaming can choose this mobile,  as the processor is very high so it will be able to compact with the great version of games. You can experience the gaming features in this smartphone. The phone will be available in the mobile stores and also in the online. Customers who are comfortable with their system can buy it. If you are using the Moto C smartphone, Let us know how the experience of the phone is. All the merits and demerits are accepted. The views can be expressed through the comment section


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